Home Inspection Sample Report

The comprehensiveness and quality of the Home Inspection Report is critical to the buyers ability to properly assess the value of their purchase.

Your Custom Home Inspection Report

An average inspection takes approximately 5 – 8 hours and involves a hands on, walk on, crawl under and climb over approach. Binoculars are available but a ladder is used for tactile proof. Full client participation in the inspection is encouraged. I try to make it interesting and educational. I assure you, the time will fly by.

The latest technical investigation tools are used during the inspection, including:

  • pin and pin-less moisture detector
  • gas detection
  • electrical testers
  • infrared spot scanner
  • Infrared photography (FLIR Camera)
  • hygrometer / thermometer
  • laser & builders levels
  • ladders (extension and articulated)
  • water pressure gauge
  • digital photos and computer analysis
  • and more…

Your custom Home Inspection Report will be finely detailed with minor and major deficiencies described and prioritized. Digital colour photos and illustrations (with captions) will be embedded within the point form narrative. The Home Inspection Report will also include cost estimates for the deficiencies with suggestions for remedial action.

Your custom Home Inspection Report will contain:

  • a printed report in a binder
  • DVD with a PDF of the report, PDF captioned photo summary + all JPEG photos
  • infrared report (if requested)

Your custom Home Inspection Report will be ready for review at approximately 6:00 PM the day after the inspection. (Properties over 4,000 sq. ft. sometimes take an extra day to complete.) Your complete satisfaction with the Inspection Report is of the utmost importance. The review process takes approximately 1 – 2 hours. Follow-up questions are always welcome.

Samples of Custom Home Inspection Reports by Ted Gilmour

This first sample report is from a failed house purchase in Vancouver in 2012. Your Home Inspection Report will end up looking quite different due to the specifics of your particular situation.

Please note:

  • This report is for a larger than average home.
  • The inspection process took 8 hrs., writing took 12 hrs. and the review was 2hrs.
  • Client attended entire inspection and gained insight and education in maintenance and repair requirements.
  • This information is supported and documented in the report.
  • The report contains custom drawings for desired improvements.
  • Client required some assistance through the negotiations with the contractor.

My clients fought with the builder and were prepared to accept some of the deficiencies because they wanted to have them repaired by their own contractors. The biggest obstacle was the inability to obtain insurance. Without occupancy permits and due to the builder’s obstinacy, they were unable to proceed.

The house simply was not ready for sale, a complete waste of everyone’s time and money. I don’t believe that was the only reason they decided to walk; the overwhelming lack of quality and care that we could see was likely a reflection of what we couldn’t see.

Prior to my inspection the builder claimed there was an occupancy permit and that everything was done to code. Someone could easily have purchased this home, paid for insurance and gotten a mortgage; ignorant of everything.

What eventually emerged was, the builder was desperately working on all the loose ends. His occupancy permit did not cover the 2 basement suites that he jerry-rigged together after the final inspection.

People simply don’t realize that just because the builder was able to obtain an occupancy permit it does not necessarily mean that everything was inspected for. E.g. code compliance, substantial integrity, basic health requirements or safety.

FYI: Withholding vital information from your insurance company can unwittingly void a future insurance claim.

More info coming soon …

More info coming soon …


“The Accepted Industry Standard Inspection and Report”

HomeGuage: reporting software is the The Industry Standard

Computer generated inspection reports are not that wonderful once you see behind the curtain. You can get your own free trial copy at www.homegauge.com

  • An industry standard inspection takes about 2.5 to 5 hours to produce a generic one-size-fits-all computer generated photo and video enhanced report (the boilerplate is tweaked to better represent your home – it’s all about razzle-dazzle).
  • Most inspection companies can complete an inspection and report in under 5 hours. (The Wow Factor)
  • Note: initially the report looks very impressive and slick. On closer examination it reveals itself as being a canned product.