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large-houseThere are four components to my Inspection Service:

  1. Inspection Process
  2. Custom Written Inspection Report
  3. Consultative Review
  4. AfterCare HotLine

1) Inspection Process

Thorough and methodical investigation of your potential property requires an average 6-8 hours. It involves exploring inside and out, walking on the roof (wear practical), crawling underneath, clambering over and around, testing, documenting and photographing.

Hi-Tech investigative tools:

This is a bathroom ceiling that is not insulated.

This is a bathroom ceiling that is not insulated (summertime).

  • Digital photography to better illustrate building deficiencies
  • Infrared photography/imaging to see the invisible thermal world
  • Electrical testing
  • Gas detection
  • Moisture detection
  • Hygrometer/thermometer
  • Laser level, builders level… and more

Full client participation in the inspection is highly encouraged. It is painless and informative, and provides an essential eye-opening education about your proposed purchase. The time just flies by :)

2) Custom Written Inspection Report

  • Detailed custom written report
  • Systematic information specific to your home.
  • “Point-Form” narrative illustrated with digitally enhanced color photos.
  • Flir- Infrared report- Individual temperature readings within the infrared photographs
  • Information is specific to your house. (Not a boilerplate Template)
  • Major deficiencies are described, prioritized, and ballpark cost estimating with remedial action suggestions:
    • Custom drawings often accompany desired repair details.
    • Useful estimates of specific item costs and general costs.
    • All deficiencies in the report are prioritized in a final summary.
    • A Hard copy binder as well as an Electronic report and PDF captioned photos are provided on DVD.

Note: Out-of-towners will receive an email copy of the report, a hard copy can be couriered (+courier fee).

3) Consultative Review

  • The Report can be reviewed at a mutual agreed location the following evening, after 5:30 or 6:30pm
  • The aim is for you to arrive at a confident understanding of what is actually going on with your house.
  • The review is not rushed and takes as long as you need it to.
  • Ted Gilmour can offer answers to your questions about maintenance, repairs or remodeling.

4) AfterCare HotLine

  • You may look to Ted Gilmour for answers to questions about maintenance, repairs or remodeling at any time during the course of your ownership of the home he inspected for you. (My business is built on customer service)
  • The photo enhanced reporting provides instant recall of the house and components to better serve you.
  • We can offer no endorsements or recommendations for contractors or service companies but will review contract proposals for you at no change.
  • This AfterCare service is free to all of my Home Inspection clients.

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