Home Inspection On A New Home

We had two home inspectors come and look at a new house we ultimately ended up purchasing. The first inspector we hired as recommended by our realtor. For clarity, I think he did an okay job and I think our realtor genuinely liked the quality of his work (and he was probably decent compared to some other inspectors out there); however, my wife having read up a lot on home purchasing felt we should have a completely independent inspector look at the home. There was absolutely no question that there was a dramatic difference between that first inspection and the huge and detailed deficiency list that Ted provided for us.

This was a huge book of information he provided to us and walked us through.

Ted covered little details like making sure there was enough clearance from the bottom of the door to the carpet so we didn’t have carpet wear, and that the door stoppers were of sufficient quality so as not to damage our doors. He found lots of little details like making sure that the seal around the sinks were complete with no breaks (there were several that were not properly sealed) and that our bathrooms had been water protected on the tile (which they were not). There is no way we would have noticed any of it.

He also found more serious issues like there being an insufficient amount of drainage for our roofs and HVAC issues.

Fortunately, the builder has agreed to work with us to fix these deficiencies as part of the purchase but we would never had known about them without Ted.

Let me tell you though, the realtor representing the home builder hated Ted. He was so angry at how detailed Ted was. And in fairness to him, I’m pretty sure he was telling the truth when he said he had never met an inspector that was that picky. But you kind of want somebody like that to be representing you. In the end, you can still decide to let things go (and we did let some things go) but at least we had a clear picture that we were doing that instead of simply not knowing.

There was also a small flood in the basement that happened during construction that needed to be remediated. Ted did not discover this (we knew about it before), but he helped us through the process of getting it remediated. He came back to help us inspect the remediation. We actually hired him to re-inspect but he refused to let us pay him.

He also helped us earlier with our deficiency check to see if the deficiencies were fixed properly. He didn’t charge us for that either even though it took several hours and went into the evening.

If it isn’t clear, we are fans of Ted, the quality of his work and his work ethic. Like other have been saying, he charges more for the inspection but, quite frankly, he has saved us more, not just in his services, but his follow ups to the initial inspection.

Most people want to do the least amount of work necessary to complete their job. Ted’s kind of the opposite. He keeps checking in and emailing us and trying to find more work for himself to do, and then he does it without charging us.


All things considered your inspection service was the best investment I have ever made.

All things considered your inspection service was the best investment I have ever made. Being able to present the seller with indisputable evidence of needed repairs, we presented a lower offer, which they agreed reflected the anticipated costs.

Originally the seller was adamant their home was sound and were not prepared to negotiate.

I must admit it was through Jill’s insistence that we ended up using your service. This being our third home and as many inspections, I never put much stock in our previous inspectors or their reports. Sure they did identify a few items of needed replacement but compared to your report, and supporting education component, they only scratched the surface.

Your friendly and knowledgeable introduction to our home has taken the mystique out of home repair. I feel confident knowing what to expect and when dealing with contractors. I feel as though I could do the needed repairs myself if I had the time and a little coaching.

In closing I am so grateful to have met you and to have experienced your degree of professionalism, there really is a black and white difference when choosing an inspector.

I’ve learned that there are no bargains when it comes to choosing a home inspector. The irony is: by paying approximately twice the going inspection fee, I’m confident we ended up saving a good deal more ($12,000) on the sale price and in so many other ways, than what would have been possible using another inspector.

Thanks again,
Andrew, Jill, Hailey and Chris

Above and beyond all expectations!

Ted Gilmour did a pre-purchase inspection of a house in Vancouver. I chose him because of his website and rave reviews on www.homestars.com. Those reviewers are all right on the money – Ted is extremely detailed, thorough, delivers on exactly what is advertised as per his website and then goes the extra mile with his post inspection follow up and help!

When I saw Ted’s website, an editorial of sorts on the home buying world – full of buyer bewares and cautionary tales – I could tell that he was candid, honest and not afraid to ruffle a few feathers and offend the whole real estate ‘system’. I knew that Ted was kind of guy that I wanted and MY side, and truly be my advocate. And wow – did Ted ever deliver! He completely exceeded our expectations. On inspection day my wife and I joined Ted as we literally went over every inch of the house and every inch inside. Those 8 hours were an eye-opener as he showed us the numerous issues with the house, which on its own is already great. But even more importantly, the time we spent with Ted was a course on how to maintain a home. He was pleasant and extremely patient with his explanation of the problems and possible remedies, as well as maintenance items that we would need to upkeep to prevent future problems. We could tell that he not only loves his job but that he genuinely loves helping people with their homes! We met him the next day where he presented his BINDER of a report, completely written in his own words, exactly as shown by the example report on his website. We sat over coffee as he went over EVERY SINGLE PAGE and PHOTO. He also reported on the maintenance items, so now we have a complete “owner’s guide and maintenance manual” for our house. (We have one for our car, it only makes sense to have one for the house!)

So, everything I’ve described up to this point is exactly what is advertised on his website, and thus Ted delivers exactly what you pay for. But actually there’s more than that. Ted then goes the extra mile with his follow up and keenness to continue helping after the initial inspection! In fact, it’s a been a year since he’s inspected the house that we did end up purchased (sorry for the delayed review Ted!) and he even emailed me to check up on how we were doing with the repair and maintenance and OFFER GUIDANCE on how to address any remaining issues. In fact, we asked for advice regarding re-roofing a few months after moving into the house and he responded within hours! WOW! That is service above and beyond. Ted Gilmour IS the complete homebuyer’s advocate, more so than your realtor, more so than your mortgage broker. I would never buy another home, do any major renos or let anybody else I know do the same, without having Ted Gilmour as the home inspector!

(Some advice to first time home buyers and especially house buyers: every house will need maintenance and every house will have issues – some can and some cannot be fixed. The important part is that you are able to make an informed decision and that’s where Ted’s expertise is so valuable.)


We’ll definitely be calling him when we’re ready for our next purchase!

As first-time home buyers, Ted’s assistance was invaluable to us. We’d gone over our prospective purchase quite thoroughly ourselves before we put in an offer, but Ted’s extensive inspection found quite a few things that we’d missed. He was not only patient in his explanations about the information he was gathering, he was also generous in his willingness to explain corrective measures. Ultimately we decided to walk away from that first property, as we felt the general building had problems that would be causing major issues within five years.

We had found Ted mostly by accident – the inspector that we’d hoped to hire was unavailable. Our initial choice (Inspector X) had been so highly recommended to us though, that for the next property, we chose to hire Inspector X. We made this decision not because of any problems we had had with Ted, but because we’d had so few experiences with the world of real estate that we thought we should have a comparison. And now we know – we’ll choose Ted next time!!! His inspection was *much* more thorough than Inspector X’s, his report was far more detailed and was a better reflection of what we’d found on site, and I felt far more confident that he’d found the potential problems. I would also feel better knowing that I could call Ted to ask for advice for some of the problems he’d found during the inspection.

We’ll definitely be calling him when we’re ready for our next purchase!


A more detailed, passionate and knowledgeable inspector is hard to find.

Over the last 6 years, my nephew and I have been seeking the advice and services of Ted for five properties.

In each project, we are alerted to the unromantic reality beneath the decorated facades. Which ends up saving us money and headache. And so more than justifies the slightly higher fee he charges.

A more detailed, passionate and knowledgeable inspector is hard to find. At the end of each typical inspection, moreover, Ted would have helped us with ridding calories from the morning’s breakfast, by subjecting us to roof-climbing, Parkade-checking, pipes/wires probing, carpet/tiles/outlets/sockets etc. gazing. Plus note-taking instead of half-hearted nodding when we listen. In short, a productively physical and mental experience. See you soon, Ted.

If your fee only covered the on-site inspection we would have definitely gotten our money’s worth.

We are beyond impressed with your integrity, passion, knowledge and professionalism. We will NEVER even consider hiring another inspector when we are ready for another home. A close friend suggested we contact you and we are extremely thankful that we did. We did not review your sample report or other details on your website so were pleasantly surprised.

If your fee only covered the on-site inspection we would have definitely gotten our money’s worth. When we met you to review your findings, we almost fell over when we saw your inspection report (52 pages of customized relevant information plus a CD with the report containing many hyperlinks to helpful resources).

Our only wish is we could find more people in the world like you!

Thanks again,
Anna and Chris

An Inspector Apart

Matt and I would like to thank Ted for his incredibly thorough inspection this week. He provided us with much more confidence in making our final purchase decision, especially since we had already been faced with an outlay of $60,000 plus on our prior home due to envelope issues. Because of that, we went out of our way to search for someone competent, independent, licensed, and with a wealth of experience, and it was money well spent. We could tell Ted was an inspector apart just from viewing his website! He spent twice the time on the inspection as other inspectors quoted, and provided us with a binder that outlined our townhome deficiencies – illustrated with photos for emphasis and in a language we could understand – prioritized in order of how soon to fix, as well as a goldmine of thoughtful resources that we will carry with us into the future. I hoped for someone knowledgeable in construction, but I was so impressed with what else we got – someone who knows that a house is not just a building, but a home. Ted’s holistic perspective incorporated his construction know-how, but also factored in health issues, and the pride of living in a well-tended home. The icing on the cake was Ted’s promise to be available post-inspection for questions and follow-up – a value-add indeed.

Thanks for the great learning experience – you have inspired us to be more hand-on do-it-yourselfers, where we were once afraid to touch anything! We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know in the realty market, and look forward to meeting you again prior to our next purchase.

Andrea and Matt

We Have Not Found Any Other Who Has Had Service like This

Very in depth 1 full day inspection and exceptional detailed report that we have used the past years as guide to maintain our house. The report was specific to our home and not a standard form. Ted has come by during the past years to give advice when we asked and at no extra cost and this has saved us from improper work by contractors. When talking to friends, we have not found any other who has had service like this. We have saved a lot of money with having this home inspector and the report. I was worth the money, over and over again. Do not accept less.

He Takes the Time Needed

We have known Ted for at least ten years. He’s been our home inspector on several occasions and by listening to his good advice over the years, we changed our minds on three properties that needed a whole lot of work and money to upgrade or repair. Ted doesn’t just do a quick inspection – he takes the time needed to perform a thorough inspection and as the home buyers, we learned a lot from accompanying Ted on the inspections and through his written report. We’ve also had Ted come by our current home to give us feedback on a contractor’s work product and a roofing job. He is always there for us and we continually benefit from his many years in the home inspection and construction industries.


There Isn’t Too Much Wrong with the Property

Thanks so much for another thorough home inspection. We are going ahead with the purchase and will complete at the end of the month.

It’s a relief to know that there isn’t too much wrong with the property, and we also feel like we’ve learnt a huge amount from being there with you during the inspection. We met with a contractor to talk about what we want to do with the basement, and we feel so much more confident and knowledgeable thanks to all your comments about how things should be built. We really appreciate all the helpful hints about how to do things for ourselves too & feel like we will be able to take on some DIY projects for ourselves. And the suggested maintenance schedule will come in very handy. Thank you!

If you are ever out Maple Ridge way, feel free to drop in for a coffee!

Susie and Todd

Definitely Surpassed That

Thanks for such a thorough report. I think I mentioned that we were looking for something as thorough as we would get in England – but you definitely surpassed that! We were very impressed, and glad to learn so much from it too.

We’ll let you know how it plays out.
Best wishes,

Comprehensive and Coherent

Ted Gilmour inspected our 97 year old home in June 2007. His inspection was done not for us, but with us.

He is the consummate professional.

His report is completely comprehensive and coherent. We use his report as a guide to assist us in refurbishing our home.


Price Reduction and Concessions Made

Well, I got the house. Told them also about permits for electrical, retaining wall etc, etc. Made couple of changes to the contract. The sellers did not contest any of your findings. Knocked $10,000 off the price in the end and I’m fine with that.

As an aside, and giving them the benefit of the doubt, sellers said they trusted that the roofing job meant everything got replaced up there, including “the rotten 3/8” plywood underneath”. Shows you how much the average homeowner, including myself, know about roofs (and your average homeowner would never go up to the attic, also). Sears people apparently went up the roof and came back down, and that was it. Had the sellers known about the mold/rotting/unsafe plywood then, they would’ve taken the opportunity to fix it. Their agent said they want to take this up with Sears, but now reading through the roofing contract and the “warranty exclusions & recommendations”, I think there’s no hope – it’s written in such a way that Sears basically is not responsible for anything once they leave your property.

At least now I can relax; your inspection means I’m going in with my eyes wide open. It’s money well spent and the next person who tells me I could have gotten somebody much cheaper to do the inspection, shall receive a punch in the face. People often say: “I know somebody who can do it cheaper” we don’t say as often: “I know somebody who can do it better”. Quality often takes a backseat to money saved.

I’m satisfied that the sellers agreed to the price reduction and made concessions in other areas too.


I recommended Ted to many friends

We have hired Ted 3 times over the past several years, and have found Ted’s work to be thorough, excellent and very worthwhile.

The first time, his inspection gave us the confidence that we were getting a good deal on a condo that needed work. His advice, first in his report and then freely given over the following years, saved us and our building well over $40,000 just on the roof work alone.

The 2 other times I hire Ted I paid him extra to come up to Gibsons, specifically because of my confidence in his work. The first time he identified some well-hidden but potentially costly issues that caused us to walk away from the property and save ourselves immeasurable hassle and significant cost. The second time he gave us a thorough understanding of what needs to be done in our home, and a prioritized list with recommendations, ideas and suggestions of what to do and how.

I recommended Ted to many friends over the years and have heard nothing but positive reviews


Negotiate 25k Off

We just moved in to the Anmore house you inspected for us in December. We managed to negotiate 25k off the agreed price after your inspection so we didn’t do too bad I think.

Now we own the house and have to start on the repairs. I am totally going to depend on your guidance as I work through the repair list.

I feel confident starting this adventure with you there to help.


Smartest Money I’ve Ever Spent

We got the home and they discounted the electrical. Your inspection was the smartest money I’ve ever spent. You do really good work.

Cheers, and I’m sure we’ll be in touch down the road.


Your fee was easily twice what others charge

Thank you so much for opening our eyes. I have learned a great deal from this and look forward to meeting you again with Simon! Although your fee was easily twice what others charge I see it with the perspective that we invested 1k to save us a financially life ruining 600k mistake!!!

Our goal has been to find a solid structure that doesn’t need the big reno’s like demolishing the house costing us over 200K to rebuild but things like updating a kitchen 10k and washroom 4k, etc… We want to live in it for a long time to come and have a family there.

We also want to budget for future fix ups which is why I had my heart set on a thorough inspector like yourself. We have a limited budget on the house and hoped to find one that has a solid structure that we can manage repair updates and be alerted to maintenance issues for the long run.

Have a nice day!


Agents Cringe at the Mention of His Name

Since we have no background with construction or renovation it was important for us to use an inspector who was 100% neutral and would be honest about the condition of the home. A close friend recommended Ted Gilmour by saying, “He is extremely detailed and he won’t lie to you”.

Ted spent eight hours on our home inspection and left no stone unturned. As I scrambled to write down everything he was saying Ted chuckled and said, “don’t worry – it will all be in your report!” Ted took the information from the inspection and spent another full day composing his findings. The following afternoon he provided us with a comprehensive report which included photos, a disc, and a prioritized “To Do” list for the house. He also sat down with us to review the report and field our questions.

Ted was the most honest person we dealt with while shopping for our home. Unfortunately Ted’s attention to detail and no-nonsense candor is not liked by everyone. It’s said; agents cringe at the mention of his name. During our inspection we were approached by both our Agent and the seller’s Agent who wanted to “warn” us that Ted is a bad inspector. They told us that he would sabotage the sale of the home because he is too picky and finds something wrong with every home he inspects. With this pressure we really had to take a step back and remember that the point of an inspection IS to find any existing deficiencies with the home.

After that particular inspection we realized that the home did not meet our needs and we did not go ahead with the purchase. It was abundantly apparent why the agents tried to discourage our hiring Ted, it was deeply disappointing, but a few months later (with a new agent) we found another potential home. This time the inspection went well and our offer was accepted by the seller!

Don’t be fooled – Ted found plenty of deficiencies with the second home too! But that is the job we paid him to do. Ted’s inspection took twice as long as the average house inspection – and cost more too. However, the knowledge that he shared with us is priceless (and was translated into “layman’s terms” so we could understand). Now we have a pretty accurate idea of what to expect from our home 1 year, 5 years and 20 years from now. Ted’s comprehensive report also included “extras” like cost estimates, maintenance tips and online resources. With these guidelines we will be able to plan and budget for the maintenance of our home.

Ted Gilmour is extremely skilled and passionate about his job. In our opinion he is a beacon of sincerity in the often deceptive world of real estate. We can’t thank Ted enough for providing us with the knowledge and tools to care for our new home

Bob & Bobbie

Very happy to have you on our side

Just thought we would give you an update. Given the substantial moisture and other issues, we required a price reduction from the other party, which they were NOT willing to entertain. So the deal’s off and we’ve merrily parted ways!

Thanks again for your help! Vanessa and I found the day with you to be very insightful and certainly appreciated all the care and attention you spent in doing our inspection.

You more than met our expectations and as I’ve said before, we were very happy to have you on our side!

Roger & Vanessa

Thorough, Independent Inspector Working for Us

We have used Ted Gilmour for two inspections now. We are extremely pleased with his work. The quality of the inspection report that Ted puts together is impressive. Even with a well-constructed home, the report’s attention to detail and numerous suggestions of small improvements that can be made will be extremely useful.

Besides being technically proficient and loving his work, Ted is friendly, fair, and completely professional in his demeanor.  It was important to us to have a thorough, independent inspector working for us, yet at the same time have someone who maintained a constructive impartial relationship with everyone involved. We are completely satisfied with Ted’s work and do not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Heidi & Tom

A Great Service and Good Value!

Ted is an incredibly thorough inspector, nothing escapes him. He is candid and insightful. His reports are clear and complete, he never minces his opinions; providing you with an absolutely clear view of the condition of the building. Several times he was already familiar with the structures I was interested in and freely gave me details of them which allowed us both to avoid wasting our time and money. For that, I was most grateful and can’t thank him enough. I would easily recommend his services over anyone else I have hired.


I won’t soon forget

It looks like Nancy and I won’t be moving to Richmond any time soon. After reviewing your inspection report we submitted a counter offer that took some of the more serious issues with the house into account. The seller did not want to re-negotiate downward enough for us to reach an agreement.

We continue to look for a house and may even look to higher ground (coquitlam).

I want to thank you for the incredible service that you provide and for all the invaluable information that you gave in your full report. Inspection day was a learning opportunity for me that I won’t soon forget and I will take the knowledge learned that day with me to any new home that we look at.

I’ll be in touch with you for another inspection as soon as we find another house.

Talk with you soon,

Ground 0 for Leaky Condos

Hey Jeff!

We used Ted Gilmour. He is an independent home inspector i.e. he refuses to accept referrals from real estate agents (feels it’s a conflict of interest). Many agents work closely with certain home inspectors and of course if the inspector doesn’t “pass” the homes, the agent will stop referring to them).

He is a bit more expensive than other inspectors but we felt it was totally worth it, esp. on the Quay, ground zero for leaky condos. In fact, he identified an improperly installed sunroom in our place – owners had to put 30k into fixing it before we bought.

Hope it all works out!


But we were prepared for it

A great big thank you, Ted, for your professionalism and attention to detail. You made us aware of all the existing problems and the potential problems that we should keep in mind as we were closing on our purchase. It was a very expensive house, outside our budget, and we felt it was worth it to check under the hood, so to speak, by a professional before completing.

I’m extremely thankful that we did not listen to our friends and forgo a detailed inspection and just “kick the tires”. Nor did we just settle on an inspector that was recommended by our agent. All the research online paid off. As a result of your report, the seller eventually dropped the price.

All the “cosmetic” repairs that were uncovered by your report are currently being properly repaired in the priority that you recommended. It was rather unsettling seeing all the damage that was hidden when it was eventually uncovered. But we were prepared for it. This will save us tremendous headaches in the future.

The repairs are underway and I’m certain we’ll require your services in the future to re-inspect the renovations.

It’s the best investment we made on our house so far. Thanks again.


Ride on your offer for consultation

It was a pleasure working with you again. Thank you for the professional job and your great attention to details. As usual, I learned a lot from the inspection done.

I would like to inform you that we have closed the deal for the house. The owner agreed to discount $5000 to us!

I saw another MLS about 2-3 streets away sold 3 days ago for $680K. So we believe we have a great deal.

I will certainly keep in communication with you and ride on your offer for consultation on any new home improvement that will be done on our home.

Keep in touch,

His fee is a bargain considering

I hired Ted Gilmour to inspect two condominiums prior to making a purchase decision. Ted’s patience and attention to detail during the inspection process was outstanding. Despite the fact that he does not bill per hour of service, he did not rush the inspection process, and took the time to explain, in plain language, the implications of defects that he found and the proper approach to repairs. Ted’s inspection process, besides being a valuable source of information in making a purchase decision, was also very educational in terms of how to correctly maintain the home after purchase. I also appreciate that he took the time to meet with me the day after the inspection to very patiently go over his detailed report, and respond to any questions about it. His after-sale service is second-to-none; he has far exceeded my expectations by answering many follow-up questions that I had after the inspection, as well as questions related to repairs after I had made the purchase. Although there are inspectors that charge less, I am very happy to have hired Ted. His fee is a bargain considering the level of detail and time devoted to the inspection, the value of his detailed report in convincing the strata to make needed repairs, the educational value of the inspection process, and his outstanding after-sale service.
I very strongly recommend his services!


We Were Lucky That We Had Hired You

Thank you so much for all your help and time. We really appreciate it. We did not purchase the new house and got all our money back that we had invested and for our upgrades. The developer let us go quietly as they were afraid we would be calling City Hall regarding your discoveries or sharing your information with others in the development etc. We were lucky that we had hired you. Otherwise, we had purchased a piece of garbage. There are no words to describe our gratitude. Thank you.

Happy Holidays,
Anna & Nick

Managed a further reduction in price of $36,000

We are officially buying the home, but it took until late last night. It feels like I went into battle with the seller. I produced a list showing over $60,000 in repairs and managed a further reduction in price of $36,000 – plus, she is responsible for the roof drainage problem (under warrantee).

Thank you so very much for all your help. Your efforts have not only made me aware of major weaknesses, but also how to oversee and make the needed repairs and do general maintenance. We feel very fortunate to have chosen you as our consultant and will definitely be recommending you.

All the best and I’m sure I’ll be giving you the odd call to double-check that I understand your advice.

All the very best,

My realtor was pressuring me to drop you

I just want to take this opportunity to Thank you.

I am so impressed with the depth and quality of the information you have provided me after completing the home inspection of the property I am buying.

Having an independent and unbiased opinion on the state of the property was essential after my realtor made it apparent that he was really representing the seller not me.

I found you through your website and after going through it I determined that you met all the criteria that CMHC advises when hiring a home inspector.

At that point I contacted you via phone and ended up being even more impressed. You freely provided information that was essential for my house hunting.

I doubt most home inspectors provide their potential clients with the amount and quality of information you gave me during my search for a home. But I must admit that I was really looking forward to the actual home inspection and I wasn’t disappointed. You pointed out features, good and bad. You gave thorough explanations of why a feature was good or bad and you patiently answered all my questions. You also used the inspection process as a tool to educate me about my new home and its maintenance requirements. The home inspection itself was worth your fee.

But I also received a final report of the home inspection. Your final report was everything your website promised and more. The document listed and prioritized the defects. The colour diagrams and photographs clearly illustrated the items being discussed. But the other major component of the report, potential defects and proper maintenance, were an incredible bonus for myself, a first time home buyer.

But there was more. You also provided me with a large number of references to help me with the tasks and do more research on maintaining and improving my new home. I am amazed that in the time available you were able to present such a thorough, detailed and attractive report.

I also appreciated being able to use you as a sounding board when my realtor turned on me. It’s ironic that while my realtor was pressuring me to drop you as an inspector you applied no pressure. You simply let me make my decision. Thankfully I utilized good judgement and didn’t let my realtor influence my choice of inspector.

I consider the home inspection you provided me to be steal of a deal. The assistance and information you have provided has given me peace of mind.

Thank you,

Detailed report enabled us to tailor our mortgage

We immensely appreciated your expertise & professionalism. Your inspection of our old timer house was instructive and the resulting detailed report enabled us to tailor our mortgage so that we could deal with all the renovations needed.

We also used that report & information to get a better, more fair price for the house. Thank you also for making us feel comfortable calling you when we need your advice on our ongoing renos. The learning curve is huge!

Anne & Bryan

We appreciate the guidance you gave us

Hi Ted, hope this note finds you well. Andrew and I (and the boys) have been living in our Bowen Island home (which you inspected for us) since July and are loving it here. We appreciate the guidance you gave us – if you’ll recall there was a serious mould problem in the attic – the full and extensive remediation of which we were able to negotiate with your help (we ended up paying half, but got it done right with new and more insulation installed afterwards).


It is like he is inspecting the home for his own mother!

Ted Gilmour is one of the few independent certified home inspectors in Vancouver. He goes through the entire property – be prepared to be there for most of the day. He may be more expensive, but he teaches you everything you need to know about the home along the way. He gives you a detailed report with clear pictures, with a maintenance schedule. It is like he is inspecting the home for his own mother! In a time when no one is looking out for you, his honesty and professionalism are a rare treat!

Thanks so much for educating me about building construction and problems we should look out for

You are the freakin’ MAN!

Thanks so much for educating me about building construction and problems we should look out for. The photos are fantastic.

Good news, My friend Allison is going to be buying a place downtown Vancouver. She’s a second time buyer and she’s selling her place in North Delta to be closer to work.

After I told her about what you did for us today, she’s definitely going to be calling you for your professional services.

I’ll be in touch when we find another place.

Thanks again,

We are using your binder as a bible

Thx again for your work, we are using your binder as a bible. If you’d like a reference just let me know, happy to give it.


We learned a lot from the inspection process which we can now apply in our ongoing search for a house

Efrem and I wanted to thank you very much for the time you spent inspecting the house at Prince Edward St.

You were very thorough, which is exactly what we needed given the lack of a PDS or any disclosure period! We really liked the fact that we could accompany you through out the inspection and the fact that you explained through every step of the way about the property. Your inspection turned up significant problems with the property and we decided, as a result, not to purchase it. We were disappointed (and are still getting over it!), but, we learned a lot from the inspection process which we can now apply in our ongoing search for a house!

Thank you, as well, for spelling out the major problems with the property and the approximate cost of repair. It helped us convey our concerns about the property to the listing agent and hopefully the sellers as well.

We are happy to refer you to friends of ours who need a home inspection. Thank you again very much for your time and for sharing your expertise with us.

We’ll be in touch when we need another home inspection done (and hopefully it will be the right home for us next time around!).

Manjeet & Efrem

I liked your approach and found your comments extremely valuable

I learned alot from you on Sat. morning. Having been through the inspection process once before, I liked your approach and found your comments extremely valuable. Vicki and I will keep looking but not until the market settles a little. I will contact you as soon as something comes up. In the meantime, I will continue to recommend you whenever someone asks if I know a good house inspector.


We put in a much lower offer on the weekend and got it!

Good news, considering the undisclosed defects: we put in a much lower offer on the weekend and got it!

Purchased the Black and Decker Home Repair manual which has lots of good pictures on how to do lots of the things you mentioned.

Will no doubt be spending the X-mas holiday season playing with all my new tools Santa (aka Master Card) is bound to bring. Thanks again for all your help and no doubt I’ll be in touch as I go through the report and attend to all the things you found.


100% value for the money paid

Thanks again for all your help. Its was very reassuring knowing that someone as qualified as yourself was inspecting the home we were interested in. We were quite discouraged by all the misleading information we got from realtors, so working with you was without a doubt the most pleasant and positive experience we had through the whole home search process. I would most definitely advise people to get a home inspection done by someone like yourself, considering all the home inspectors out there who are only working to assist the realtor in ‘closing the deal’. Of all the costs we incurred (realtor fees, lawyers, etc.) yours was the one that brought us 100% value for the money paid.

Aamir and Aliyah Khan

I could not have educated myself without your report

I was able to use it not only with a restoration company for their pricing but also with the engineer that the underwriters sent. You must have heard that the Residential Warranty is no longer allowed to insure home construction.

Your report gives me the power required to follow the fight to the end.

I would recommend you and in fact I have to another homeowner who used another inspector and who although found many mistakes has not been there for the home owners …no return of their phone calls.

I will let you know of the outcome.


Perfect inspector if he has a reputation with realtors for being too tough

Thank you for your service inspecting my new home.

I knew I had the right inspector the minute my realtor saw you and said, “Oh no. I know this guy. He’s too tough and can scare some buyers from purchasing the home.” Bingo! Perfect inspector if he has a reputation with realtors for being too tough. I will recommend you to my friends and family with out hesitation. I’ve also placed you in my contact book for future use, when I should be in the market again.

Again, thanks,

You may have just saved our lives

The home inspection you did on the rental we live may have saved our lives. The prospective buyers disclosed the information you provided to them about the suspected mold problem. As a result we hired our own environmental expert to discover exactly what we are living in.

We have been having health issues since we moved in, our doctors feel that there is a positive link as I have many of the symptoms of toxic mold poisoning. So once again you may have just saved our lives and given my three year old daughter a healthier chance at life. There is no value I can put on that gift you have given us.

I can tell you if anyone I know is in need of a home inspector you are the person I will recommend with flying colors.

Mary, Glenn and Shayla

The report has been priceless

Thank you very much for your excellent home inspection. We were so impressed with the time you took to go over every feature of the house. The high quality photos included in the report are extremely detailed and your explanations made sense to us as we reviewed the information. We appreciated how you spoke in plain terms that the average person could comprehend. The amount of time you spent with us during the inspection, explaining each step and making us a part of the inspection was significant. It made us feel very secure and the way you went over the entire completed report on site with us helped us understand our prospective home so much better. It was an education.

We felt fully confident in your report and as a result we bought our home and have been relying on your report as we have work done. There have been no unpleasant surprises or shocks and we are so pleased you made us aware of many facts we would have overlooked. The report has been priceless and even the tradesmen we have consulted have been impressed with its accuracy. We feel much more confident discussing aspect of our home with contractors and making informed choices while holding your report in our hands. Your report even saved us money on the final price of the house as when we were able to present the seller with the findings of the report, he was very quick to agree, the work needed to be done and we negotiated a lower selling price to reflect the repairs that were needed. Prior to this, the seller was not prepared to negotiate the price at all.

WE would recommend anyone to use YOUR expertise and service knowing the job you did for us repaid its costs over and over. We think the biggest mistake anyone could make is to use a home inspector recommended by a realtor. Our realtor wanted us to use his home inspector “buddy” “”who would be in and out in an hour”” This realtor also represented the seller so this was not what we wanted. We wanted honesty and accuracy and to be able to feel the inspection was unbiased, which you were, in every way.

Even after 3 years of owning our house, we find ourselves continually going back to the report to check what we are being told by tradespersons or to see why something is happening in our house. The report we received from you, Ted, continues to be our best investment along with our house and we would heartily recommend only T.H.E. Home Inspection Company [Ted Gilmour] to any prospective homeowner.

You did not ask us for this letter but it is our way of thanking you for a job well done. We would be pleased to be a reference for you and you are welcome to give our telephone number out to anyone wishing to confirm our positive experience with you. We cannot thank you enough for making our first home purchase so comfortable.

Mr. and Mrs. Darlow

Our meeting was really educational and … enjoyable

Thanks again Ted – I found that our meeting was really educational and, much to my surprise, enjoyable as well – my eyes didn’t glaze over as they are apt to do when my attention span wanders in another direction.

Again, I really value your service and when I can, I will pass your name on.

Best regards,

More than just a home inspection; it was a seminar in construction engineering

Many thanks for your inspection of our prospective house purchase last weekend. Your attention to detail and professionalism were certainly appreciated. Enjoyed the pace as you took time to explain not only the problems, but also how they could be corrected and what to examine when inspecting a house. The day was more than just a home inspection; it was a seminar in construction engineering. Your knowledge, meticulousness and perseverance were superb. Despite the property being less than ideal (an understatement!) we were glad you kept your objectivity throughout the day and listened carefully to our concerns and ideas. Though we decided not to purchase this particular home, the information we gained from this inspection will greatly assist our future home buying endeavours. We hope to use your services again and of course will strongly recommend you to anyone who wants a thorough inspection of any property.


Thankfully, a thorough home inspection gave us the information we needed to avoid making the wrong purchase

We are two professionals, one a researcher and the other trained in investigation. We are, however, at least smart enough to know what we don’t know most of the time.

Through the media, we heard of some sad stories about people buying homes that appeared on the surface to be sound but in actual fact were not. So, we were concerned to make sure that we were basing our decision to purchase a home on the best possible information about its condition and soundness.

After talking with friends and conducting an exhaustive search on the web, we learned a fair bit about different forms of certification and training for home inspectors. It seemed important to us to choose someone who went through rigorous training at an accredited institution, had extensive experience in home inspection and could provide us with a detailed report.

The report is just the end product of Ted’s home inspection process. We spent the day with Ted learning about what was right and what was problematic with our potential new home. Arriving at 9:00 in the morning, we found Ted twenty feet up on a ladder inspecting the tile roof, binoculars in one hand and digital camera in the other. As the day unfolded, Ted worked his way through the entire house. We took extensive notes as he explained how the house as a system – its heating, ventilation, drainage and plumbing – worked and sometimes didn’t.

The following evening we met with Ted to review the report. It was thorough, detailed, and packed full of colour pictures and diagrams that were extremely helpful in determining the strengths and weaknesses of the house. As we’ve both said, part of what makes Ted exceptional is his ability to take prospective home buyers to a new state of awareness – beyond lovely crown moldings, elegant lighting and a floor plan that really works, there is another less visible world in every home.

In the end, we decided not to purchase the house. Our decision was based on our notes and observations from the day with Ted, and our assessment of Ted’s findings. Before coming to this decision, we investigated the costs of repairing two significant deficiencies with the house. Ted provided prompt responses to the questions that emerged as we spoke with City Hall, plumbing and drain tile contractors, and roof tile manufacturers. We weighed the likely costs of correcting the major deficiencies and associated damage to the house against the age of the house, purchase price and our fading excitement about having found a new home.

Thanks to Ted, we are confident that we’ve made the right decision in not buying the house and we’re happily house–hunting again, now equipped with a somewhat more critical shortlist of what to look for in assessing the soundness as well as the design and finish of a house.

Sue and Margaret

I appreciate your calm, objective observations

Thanks, Ted, for the photos. When I awakened this morning I felt a sense of relief, and knew I had made the right decision. I know there is a place just right and I think, somehow, it will have a lilac bush… So I’m just going to keep looking. I appreciate your calm, objective observations. I will look forward to seeing you again.


Being an independent is ethically the only way to go

Thanks Ted for all the good info. I appreciate the feedback. In the few inspections I have done I’ve already faced the challenge of Realtors pressuring me to not scare the prospective buyer. It looks like being an independent is ethically the only way to go even if it is tougher to make a go. For now, as you said, I need to get some experience under my belt. I’ve been offered a job with Amerispec. It may not be the ideal (their report is somewhat boilerplate and they market totally to Realtors) but at least it will provide me with the opportunity to gain some valuable experience.

Anyhow, once again I thank you for your help.


Thanks Ted for giving us confidence to purchase our home

Thanks Ted for the helpful information you were able to provide us with in the purchase of our older home. We knew we were buying an older home with inherant age related problems, but, you were able to point out things that we would never have seen with just a walk through. Thanks very much.

We are considering some renovations, and we want you to advise us of some of the things we have no knowledge of (ie support walls, code restrictions, floor leveling tips etc). We will call you when we proceed, so we don’t do anything that will create more problems than the reno is worth.

Again, thanks Ted for giving us confidence to purchase our home.


Did I get an education yesterday morning or what!

It was an eye-opening experience for this girl, let me tell you. It confirmed my deepest fears.

It makes me feel good to know I wasn’t so far off base by hiring you. The time and money spent is always worth it in the end, I would rather spend the impending special assessment fee on a better property.. Thanks for taking the time to explain things to me. . I’ll be your own little public service announcement for the next few weeks, ha, ha.

It IS still a nice looking building (except, of course, for the moss which I hadn’t initially noticed and all the other issues). I hope the back-up offer asks why my deal didn’t go through. I’d like to be a fly on the wall when the listing agent has to answer his question…

I’m taking a break for awhile from looking. Maybe I’ll try to save a bit more money so I can buy a place I REALLY like.

Thanks again Ted for the education and the advice for the next time I make an offer. I’ll be informed now going into the next one and will be pleased to use your services for the next inspection.


We certainly agree with you about sellers disclosing information early on

Ted – we have decided not to proceed with the condo purchase, so we won’t be needing your services this time, but we will certainly keep you in mind for the next one.

With your help and our excellent realtor we found there were simply too many problems with the building.

Our agent and we certainly agree with you about sellers disclosing information early on, and in particular before offers are made; in our case this would have prevented a lot of time, hassle, and stress for all parties.

For the next one, our agent will ask for this information beforehand.

Thanks again for all your help, and we will definitely keep you in mind for the next condo we get interested in.

Our house is up for sale, so we do intend to keep looking for a condo we would be happy with.


The independent nature of your business was extremely important to me

Thanks so much Ted!

Going from a condo where most of the maintenance is taken care of by the strata, into an old house that’s fully our responsibility is a scary step!

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have shadowed you around for 7 hours while you went through our new home in meticulous detail. I learned an amazing amount. I can’t imagine how other inspection companies can cover the depth of an inspection necessary in their typically 2-3 hour reviews!

Your lengthy and detailed written report with its colour photos is so helpful in triggering my memory and prioritizing our next steps in maintaining and improving our place.

You were great to work with, and answered all of my inexperienced questions in a way that I could easily understand.

The independent nature of your business was extremely important to me, particularly given that we were in a “dual agency” situation where the same realtor was representing both the sellers and ourselves. In hiring you, I really felt that I had someone (vastly) knowledgeable “on our side”.

We’re really looking forward to moving into our new home, and believe me, we’ll be calling on your expertise when we inevitably run into questions!

Thanks again,
Nicki, Zeke & Chloë

$25,000 off the final price of the house!

Thank you so much for your thorough inspection Ted!

When we decided to purchase a house, we knew the value of having an independent inspection performed on the property.

Your report not only was incredibly detailed and thorough, but also allowed us to take another $25,000 off the final price of the house!

We knew that there less expensive inspections out there, but who knew if they were ‘in the back pocket’ of a real estate agent?

You were worth every penny and more and considering that your fees are just a small fraction of the cost of a house, how could anyone afford to not use your services?

Thank you!
June and Krys

A much more educated consumer

Just wanted to thank you again for doing such a thorough inspection of the condo this weekend and writing such a detailed report. I appreciated your honest opinion on everything, as well as the advice you gave me on some basic things to look for in a building. I definitely feel like I learned a lot this weekend and am a much more educated consumer (although my knowledge is still very limited). Although the weekend was disappointing, since I really liked the condo, it was still a valuable experience.

Thanks very much,

Your inspection report provided me with plenty of leverage

I wouldn’t call you a home inspector. You’re more a home inspector/consultant.

Your thorough inspection gave us confidence we needed to know that our fixer upper is a solid home. We bought the house after successfully renegotiating an additional $4000 off our closing price. Your inspection report provided me with plenty of leverage (in a sellers market) I needed to justify paying a lesser amount.

Thanks again for the very thorough and detailed inspection on our new home.

I also appreciated your patience when explaining how to repair or make improvements to the house during the inspection. There’s a lot of work and new challenges for us to learn, but the both of use are keen and up to the task.

chris & jennes

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