Vancouver realtor’s licence cancelled

A curious thing about stories like this is that this agent was not caught doing something wrong, it took an investigative reporter to advance the story to the supposed real estate authorities.
After 18 yrs in the home inspection business I’ve seen and reported breaches of professional conduct that were supposedly investigated.  In all cases the allegations were summarily dismissed.  I have all but given up on reporting unethical behavior.  The real estate Council is responsible for policing agent’s professional conduct.  There is one small catch, the real estate Council is populated by real estate agents.

We actually need a new independent real estate watchdog.

There’s a saying: when you see one rat there are hundreds more that you don’t. There are bad actors in every profession and in most cases the system protects them. Police investigate police, doctors investigate doctors, lawyers investigate lawyers, real estate agents investigate real estate agents and home inspectors investigate home inspectors, etc.

Top-selling Vancouver realtor’s licence cancelled after allegedly doing business while under suspension

A top-selling Vancouver realtor who allegedly failed to cease his activities while under a one-year licence suspension for lies and deceptive practices has had his licence cancelled after The Province investigated his case and forwarded evidence to the Real Estate Council of B.C.

The council had suspended Yu-Hsiang (Lester) Lin’s licence in September 2015 after he admitted to a number of allegations in a 2011 Burnaby home sale in which he misled a buyer into grossly overbidding.
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