Why Independent?

Why Independent?

Your choice of an inspector is your private business, agents shouldn’t be asking and they sure as heck can’t demand to know. It’s probably not in your best interest for either agent to contact your inspector with a little pregame pep talk.

Independence Guaranteed

It may make sound business sense for inspection companies to cultivate relationships within the real estate sector. For most inspection companies, realtor referrals provide their core source of business. But that’s not how I work. I believe:

  • Inspector/realtor business relationships are a conflict of interest that compromises professional ethics and integrity.
  • The professional duty of a home inspector is to be completely INDEPENDENT of third party interests and deliver best practice service to the home-buyer rather than to serve from under the thumb of an agent.
  • The inspector and the inspection process must be independent of any realtor influence.
My professional guarantee is to neither solicit nor accept realtor referrals. Ever. I deal only with You, the home buyer. My source of business is dependent on referrals from my satisfied clients, not satisfied agents.

Independent Home Inspectors of North America



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