Your inspection report provided me with plenty of leverage

I wouldn’t call you a home inspector. You’re more a home inspector/consultant.

Your thorough inspection gave us confidence we needed to know that our fixer upper is a solid home. We bought the house after successfully renegotiating an additional $4000 off our closing price. Your inspection report provided me with plenty of leverage (in a sellers market) I needed to justify paying a lesser amount.

Thanks again for the very thorough and detailed inspection on our new home.

I also appreciated your patience when explaining how to repair or make improvements to the house during the inspection. There’s a lot of work and new challenges for us to learn, but the both of use are keen and up to the task.

chris & jennes




  1. Joe went and inspected the house throughly and provided feedback while I was and wrote a report on his findings and that was excellent. He was very personable and easy to ask questions of and recieve answers from.

    • Hi Julia,
      I’m not sure if I am the person you are referring to (Joe??)


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