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A thorough and unbiased home inspection by an independent C.P.I. can save you thousands.

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Inspection Services

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Thorough and methodical investigation of your potential property requires an average 6-8 hours. It involves exploring inside and out, walking on the roof wear practical, crawling underneath, clambering over and around, testing, documenting and photographing.

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Sample Report

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The comprehensiveness and quality of the Inspection Report is critical to the buyers ability to properly assess the value of their purchase. Your custom Inspection Report will be finely detailed with all deficiencies described and prioritized and will include cost estimates for the deficiencies with suggestions for remedial action.

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Savvy Buyers

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House sales are a carefully staged and rehearsed play, so keep some perspective. You are being skilfully guided down a garden path of professionally staged homes, with clever concealment, deodorizers, coffee, cookies and agent approved/preferred Home Inspectors. Don’t weaken your purchase strength by engaging an average inspector, don’t be tempted by a low or average cost inspection.

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About Ted Gilmour

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Ted Gilmour, C.P.I. is a Vancouver home inspector and industry recognized professional with a commitment to best practice in client service and reporting excellence.

You are guaranteed my independence from real estate agent influence and 100% home buyer advocacy.

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Realtor Versus Inspector

The real estate agent featured in the above news story was not at all tactful with the home buyers when she “dumped” her clients for having a thorough home inspection done. Realtor’s have been known to persuade home buyers away from a thorough home inspection. The home buyer is paying for the property, they should know the true state of that property before making a purchase.

Realtor Referrals

There are often consequences if a home buyer uses a real estate agent recommended home inspector. E.g. Thousands in unforeseen maintenance and repair costs. Almost every home can be staged.

The seller is supposed to disclose known patent and even latent deficiencies. If your home inspector discovers impending failures, concealment or fudged repairs, those items can and should be negotiated into the final price.


Can You Trust Online Reviews?

How easily can you buy a reputation? Watch the CBC Marketplace story about going undercover to buy a positive reputation online with fake reviews.


Realtor Relationships

“Survey results indicate that the most common method of finding a home inspector (by over 60 per cent of respondents) was a referral from their real estate agent. However, some of these referrals may not serve the public interest because of the realtor’s financial interest in having the sale proceed (even if they provide three or more options as required by the Real Estate Council). Similarly, home inspectors report that building strong relationships with realtors is critical for them to secure business.”

Source: Summary Report on Home Inspector Licensing Consultation by the Office of Housing Construction Standards, British Columbia (page #8)


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Above and beyond all expectations!

Ted Gilmour did a pre-purchase inspection of a house in Vancouver. I chose him because of his website and rave reviews on Those reviewers are all right on the money – Ted is extremely detailed, thorough, delivers on exactly what is advertised as per his website and then goes the extra mile with his post inspection follow up and help! Read More Testimonials


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